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To adjust your monitor for accurate image rendition: set contrast to maximum, then adjust brightness so that all eleven shades of the grey scale are distinctly visible.

Panoramic Nephews, © 2001 Michael Barnikel.
A panoramic montage of some of my nephews.
From left to right: Leo, moi, Alladin, Leo again and Elias.

XMas 2001 Family Reunion, 2001.
This picture was taken at Christmas eve 2001, the first time in years that all of the family came together.
The fact that I look like a bucket of lard is entirely due to the perspective. And I've got heavy bones, allright?
From left to right: Helfried, Michael, M., Helga, Tobias.

XMas 2001 Family Reunion, 2001.
The same as above, taken with a semi-professional 5 MegaPixel digital camera, but this time using fill - in flash.

Panoramic View From My Balcony, © 2001 Michael Barnikel.
A panoramic view from my balcony, made up of several individual images taken with my dodgy VGA digital still camera and then joined together by dedicated software.

Robinson The Hedgehog, © 2001 Michael Barnikel.
Robinson, a hedgehog I rescued from the cold in autumn 2001. He crapped all over my carpet to thank me for it.

With Leo in Nymphenburg, © 2001 Michael Barnikel.
With Leo in front of castle Nymphenburg.
Elias In Kloster Andechs, © 2001 Michael Barnikel.
Elias sitting pretty in the Kloster Andechs pub.
Ali Acts Up, © 2001 Michael Barnikel.
Ali acts up.
This image serves as a stern reminder that children and amphetamines don't mix.

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