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Vanessa 1, © 2000 Michael Barnikel.
This is Vanessa in the physiotherapy department at Rookwood hospital, sitting in her electric wheelchair; the physiotherapists are putting her harness on.

Vanessa 2, © 2000 Michael Barnikel.
Vanessa hanging in a harness on the "space hopper", a machine orignally named Space Walker before Vanessa became attached to it (pun intended). Now even the physiotherpists are calling it "space hopper". It is a sort of crane with a conveyor belt underneath it.

Vanessa 3, © 2000 Michael Barnikel.
Vanessa stepping away from the "space hopper".

Vanessa 4, © 2000 Michael Barnikel.
This is Vanessa walking away from the physiotherapy department and towards her ward. She is using a cane, but despite the appearance given by the three physiotherapists around her she is pretty much walking on her own (the physiotherapists are not supporting her, merely controlling and correcting her locomotion). At this point she has walked maybe 50 meters; as you can see from the postion of her foot she has slight problems controlling the inward rotation of her feet.

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