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'People are born covered in phlegm and blood. Live your life right, and it might never have to change.'
Photograph of Michael Barnikel.  © 1996 by Timos Bromwell (BA).
Photograph of Michael Barnikel. © 1996 by Timos Bromwell (BA).

To build a tree, to plant a son, to father a house.

A Message From Michael Barnikel: Greetings, fellow cybernaut, and welcome to my Home Page. Be advised that this site doesn't contain any interesting, entertaining or enlightening material whatsoever. I merely wrote it to have a go at HTML coding and to satisfy my lingering narcissism (and acute nerdism). Indeed, this page is so crap that the erstwhile Mirsky refused to give it a mention on his "Worst Of The Web" list.
Note: All the .GIF (CompuServe Graphics Interchange Format) files on this web site have been replaced by .PNG (Portable Network Graphic) files except for animated GIFs. This web site was entirely written with a text or HTML editor and is best viewed with any graphical, Java and tables - enabled browser.


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