-- Java Chat

Instructions: Wait for the script to load, initialise and start; then type in your name (make it your full (first and family) name written together (e. g. billgates) in order to avoid confusion) into the line at the bottom of the applet, followed by RETURN; it takes a moment to connect. You can now chat by typing into the selfsame line; don't forget to press RETURN to send the message. Ignore the icons at the bottom of the applet (they are pretty useless) and the stuff on top (it's advertisement). Type .help to get a list of commands.
Troubleshooting: If all you see, after a few minutes' waiting, is a white square, try hitting the RELOAD button on your browser.
If you want to meet me in cyberspace you should make a date, as I don't randomly hang out in this chat room. I am not that sad. Speak to you soon!

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